COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan

In the days leading up to your appointment, please monitor your health.  If you have a cough, fever or a temp of 100 or more, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, severe headaches, diarrhea or a general sense of not feeling well, please contact me to reschedule.  Even if you think it might just be allergies, I cannot see you. While unwanted hair is frustrating and upsetting, it is not worth spreading illness to myself, my family or my other clients.  I do have a 48 hours cancellation policy but, as always, I will not charge you for illness and will thank you for not bringing it into my office.

Also, if you have traveled by air or to any place that is not at Phase 2 or higher, I ask that you wait two weeks before coming to see me.

When you arrive, text me at 206.552.0215 and wait in your car until I tell you to meet me outside.  Please make sure that you are wearing a clean mask.  It cannot have a respirator valve on it as that defeats the purpose. Please note that your mask may get soiled during treatments with witch hazel or other antimicrobial creams.  I will take your temperature with an Infrared No-Touch forehead thermometer and ask you a few questions. If your temperature is below 100 and you have not had any known symptoms or exposures (including recent travel to counties that are not in Phase 2 or higher), I will direct you inside to wash your hands.  The light, fan and soap dispense all have a motion sensor.

Please wear socks to your appointment as I will require shoes to be taken off at the front door.  Please leave all of your possessions other than what you absolutely need in your car.  If you have a purse with you, it ask that you put it on the paper towel on the side table in my office or on the ground.

Talking has always been a fun way to make the appointments go by faster.  I ask that you be mindful of talking softly during treatments even though you will be wearing a mask.  As always, there will be music to listen to!  

Masks will need to cover your mouth and nose during the entire time you are in my office.  As there is no way to do upper lip work and wear a mask effectively, I will not be working on upper lips until things are much safer.  I will be doing some facial work such as chin, neck and brows.  Sideburns and cheek hairs not covered by the mask are also possible.  If I will be working on your chin or cheeks, please wear a mask that is flexible enough to allow me to get to those areas while still keeping your mouth and nose covered. I will also continue to do body work during this time.  

The minimum appointment will now be $55 for 15 minutes. The maximum appointment time will be an hour for $95. I will consider longer appointment times for a few select clients.

My current schedule is  Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays and some Sundays. I will not be working early mornings or evenings and you may find that you'll have to be more flexible with your schedule to get in to see me.

I have a Clover register to process credit cards.  I have the ability to tap, chip or swipe cards.  My preference would be to take credit cards exclusively but I will accept checks and cash.  Cash must be exact as I will no longer provide change.

As always, I will have a half an hour scheduled between clients to give myself time to thoroughly clean and air out my office.  Only myself and one client will be allowed in my treatment room at a time.  I will not allow people to wait in my living room/waiting area anymore.  If two family members come for appointments, one will need to wait in the car while the other gets treatments.  The second person can not come in until I have cleaned the room.

If you, or someone you spend a lot of time with, tests positive and you have been to my office during a time you may have been infectious, I need to know as soon as possible.  I will be will need to inform my other clients.  We will all be wearing masks which greatly reduces the risk, but we have to stay vigilant.

Things will be different and I appreciate your patience and understanding.  Thank you!

What to Expect At Your Next Appointment