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Consultation with Jillian


Your first appointment will begin with a consultation.  You will be required to fill out a Health History Assessment and sign a release form.  I will explain the process of electrolysis and answer any questions you have.  After this discussion, we will begin your treatment.  A 15 minute appointment (my minimum appointment time and a charge of $55) must be booked in order to consult with me.  You are welcome to book up to an hour for your first appointment. 




There are three modalities (methods) of electrolysis.  Galvanic uses a chemical process, Thermolysis uses heat and Blend uses a blend of galvanic and thermolysis.  Although I have the ability to use all modalities, I primarily use Flash Thermolysis (fast thermolysis) as my Apilus Platinum Pure excels as this method.   Please see the Facts page for more details.  

New Leaf Electrolysis Rates

15 minutes     $55 (minimum charge)

20 minutes     $65

30 minutes     $75

45 minutes     $95

60 minutes     $115

75 minutes     $135

90 minutes     $155

105 minutes   $175

120 minutes   $195

Rates for Bikini Line
Rates for Genital Area

Bikini line and genital work are very difficult.  They require electrologists to contort their bodies in all sorts of ways.  Because I have injured myself working on this area in the past, I have made the decision to charge more for this service and to be more selective about how much of this work I take on at a time.   This is not about me finding the work distasteful.  Skin is skin to me.  However, I must protect my body if I want to do this job for a long time.  You will be required to pull skin taught and get into some pretty hilarious positions yourself.   Please note that I am only able to do genital work on cisgender and transgender women.  Transgender women must have begun transitioning and present as female.  If you are just beginning to transition, I suggest that we work on facial hair first and get to know one another so that genital work will be more comfortable for both of us.

30 minutes     $95

45 minutes     $120

60 minutes     $145

30 minutes     $115

45 minutes     $145

60 minutes     $175


While I do not bill insurance directly and require payment the day of treatment, I am happy to create an invoice for you to submit to your insurance.  If you get pre-approval from your insurance company or if you get coverage at any point during your treatment, I will bill you at my insurance rate which is a bit higher.

Payment Methods

I currently take cash, credit card or checks written to Jillian Tacher or New Leaf Electrolysis.  Cash must be exact as I will not longer provide change. A $25 fee will be collected for all NSF to be paid at the following appointment.

Notice of Cancellation

For appointments  an hour or less, 48 hours notice is required when cancelling in order to avoid paying the full appointment cost.  If your appointment is scheduled for longer than an hour, 72 hours notice is required.  Please note that I will be unable to see you again until you pay for your missed appointment.  


Scheduling is by appointment only.  Please see my contact page for ways to schedule.

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