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Common Treatment Areas


Electrolysis works on all skin and hair types. It can be applied to most facial and body parts, including eyebrows, chin, upper and lower lip, jaw line and sides of the face, breast, underarms, abdomen, bikini line, feet, legs, and back. Based on a personal and confidential consultation, your electrologist will design a treatment plan that addresses your specific hair removal needs.


Hair removal for women

Almost all areas of the body can be subject to unwelcome hair growth. For women, the unwanted hair on commonly visible areas, like the face, usually takes priority.

Hair growth in the chin, upper lip, jaw, and throat areas is usually caused by hormones, whether imbalanced or not. Genetics and medications can also cause excess hair on the face and on body areas such as the chest, breasts and abdomen.












The Most Commonly Treated Areas For Women Are:
  • Chin

  • Jawline   

  • Upper Lip

  • Throat

  • Side of Face

  • Eyebrows

  • Chest


  • Abdomen

  • Breasts

  • Bikini line

  • Underarms

  • Hairline

  • Fingers and Toes

Hair removal for men

Many men who feel they have too much hair seek electrolysis treatment. Even without an excess amount of hair, electrolysis is frequently used for eyebrow shaping as well as underarms, groin, arms and legs, lower back and buttocks. Men also receive treatments on their ears, eyebrows, beard-lines, chests, backs and genitals.



The Most Commonly Treated Areas For Men Are:
  • Back (including shoulders and torso)

  • Ears

  • Brows

  • Cheeks (to clean up beard line

  • Neckline

  • Nape

  • Groin

  • Hands

The information above is provided courtesy of American Electrology Association.

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